Our Products

Committed to make a difference in local and African market


Our portfolio now includes alcoholic beverage products (juice and mineral waters), construction materials (PPR pipes/fittings and finishing equipments), automotive products (Both cars and spare parts) and Plastic Manufacturing (PET preforms)


Sendelet food processing
Sendelet food processing is is a private limited Ethiopian company. We manufacture both fruit juices and non-carbonated non alcoholic soft drinks. In addition, we produce complete PET packaging solution for the bottle filling industry. Since its foundation in 2014, We have been producing and supplying of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preforms to the top packaged water bottlers and juice processors in Ethiopia


Dina showroom
We have our own car dealer show room a the heart of Addis Ababa. We supply both Brand new and used cars with competitive price ranges. In our stocks, there is always a choice for lower middle class and upper middle class customers with very good quality. In addition, we can also provide duty free vehicles direct from Europe and Middle east. Dina auto dealer show room is a subsidiary of Risiq Motor importer. Most of the cars in the show room is importer by Risiq Importer.


PPR pipes and fittings
RISIQ offers top quality PP-R PIPES AND FITTINGS. The products are manufactured in UAE and imported under Risiq brand. PRODUCT RANGE – PPR PIPE : 20mm -110mm, PN10/PN16/PN16/PN20/PN25
– PPR FITTING : 20mm – 110mm, PN25
We have our own show room in Kasanchis Finishing mall, third floor where you could find our products.